ODA fits you and your lifestyle, it changes when you change.


ODA is a praise to the wonderful world and symbology of butterflies.

Butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation, evolution, freedom, and beauty. They represent the delicacy, strength, lightness, elegance, change, and growth. We all strive to constantly transform our existence and we are in constant evolution, just like a butterfly that is the perfect symbol of transformation in life.


ODA is a versatile, comfortable, elegant, and extremely attractive bracelet.


ODA fits you and your lifestyle, it changes when you change. Transform your ODA into the perfect complement to your daily look comfortably and in a few seconds.


Made of 316L steel, very resistant to corrosion and especially antiallergenic.


Available in two colors: steel and 3 microns gold plated pink, and in three different widths: 15mm. 25mm. y 35mm.

The flexibility of the material allows you to adapt it to your wrist.

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ODA is inspired by the wonderful world of butterflies.


The amazing beauty of its extraordinary forms, the magnificent combinations of colors and the wonderful and extraordinary natural world that surrounds them inspires the whole collection and provides a special sensitivity and charisma.


- DUO -

Unbelievable, two bracelets in one, the ODA

original with an enameled steel interior that you can wear together or separately.



It's the same essence of ODA, discover the new models, we've integrated golden steel into the collection, you'll like it.


The accessories we choose to wear express our emotions and personality.

This is Oda's new enamel collection.



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Small actions can help create big changes

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